CLEAA 2021 Conference Evaluation

Thank you for attending our online conference this year.

CLEAA is always interested in talking to members (and non-members working in our space) about where we can have the greatest impact.

Whether we form special interest groups to cater to niche elements of the roles CLEAA members work in, or simply expand our list of volunteers to help develop focussed training or material, or even the CLEAA’s position on items of interest to members, the place to start is asking the question.


2021 CLEAA Conference Evaluation Form
If you could take a few minutes to think over your response to the following items, it would be incredibly helpful to the executive as we plan for the future of CLEAA.

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Session 1: Essential Reflection Skills – the What, Why and How
Session 2: The Future of Legal Education
Session 3: The Continuing Competence Debate
Session 4: Is Neurodiversity the Next Frontier?
Session 5: Getting Lawyers to Eat Their Ethics Vegetables
Session 6: Getting The Most Out of Your L&D Budget
Session 7: What Have We Learned and How Can We Thrive?
UnsatisfactoryAdequateGoodVery GoodExcellent
Pre-program registration and support
Conference platform
Overall assessment of the program
Feel free to deliver plaudits! We are all volunteers, but if there are glaring things that we could have done better, please feel free to share.