2022 CLEAA Conference: Designing effective learning and development for the learner needs of today

Session #2:  The professional learning landscape is evolving, with learner needs and expectations shifting. The recent move to digital and remote working also applied for learning delivery, where no alternative was available. This meant that ‘best practice learning design’ was often sacrificed in order to simply deliver on an immediate learning need. As we now juggle a hybrid workforce, how do we respond to the changing expectations of our learners coming out of the pandemic?

In this session, we will explore these changes and how we might respond through best practice design, development and delivery to ensure we are responsive and create the best conditions for legal learning.

Session Objectives

  • Explore broad trends in the education / learning sector and how changing learner expectations are shaping these
  • Discuss how education providers can meet these changing expectations
  • Discuss success elements of modern learning and upskilling
  • Identify the benefits and outcomes for improving the learning experience, and how these translate in the legal sector


Francesca Lucin Senior Consultant, Forethought

Francesca holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and a Bachelor of Business in Management from Monash University. She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) at Monash, achieving First Class Honours. During her Honours year, Francesca specialised in the field of value co-creation, where she found a passion for building successful customer experiences.

Brining this passion for service optimisation to Forethought, Francesca has worked across a range of strategic projects, going on to gain expertise in the education sector.

Over the past few years, Francesca has worked closely with providers in the higher education sector to help them shape their offers to suit changing market needs or address new challenges, as well as identify new opportunities to expand or grow their offers.

Francesca is passionate about working with clients to solve for complex problems, always anchoring solutions back to the needs of customers, members or the market.

A spotlight on Session #2  of CLEAA’s upcoming annual conference being held Friday 14 Oct, 9am-4.00pm AEDT.

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