What is CLEAA?

The Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia (CLEAA) is an association of people from Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong and other countries in the South East Asian and South Pacific regions who are involved in the provision of continuing legal education and professional development to the legal profession.

What does CLEAA do?

CLEAA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, insights, problems and information relating to legal professional development in general and continuing legal education in particular. Membership of CLEAA is open to any person involved or interested in the provision of continuing legal education and legal professional development.


CLEAA holds an annual conference to which all members are invited. Recently Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been established to meet the diverse needs of the membership. The SIGs are Institutions, Law Schools, Law Firms and Commercial Providers. CLEAA also publishes a members' directory and regular newsletters; and in some states, local members of CLEAA hold networking meetings on a regular basis.

CLEAA Members

The membership is made up of Continuing Legal Education [CLE] professionals with backgrounds in law, education and training.

CLEAA currently has approximately 100 members, comprising:

  • Institutional members (Law Societies, Bar Associations, Practical Legal Training Organisations & Not for Profit Continuing Legal Education Organisations, Government Departments),
  • University Law Schools,
  • Law Firms, and
  • Commercial Providers