Meet the Executive

The CLEAA Executive are elected annually to represent the interests of CLEAA members.
Get in touch with them via the CLEAA contact page or email them directly by clicking their names below.


Kellie Hamilton

General Manager, Member Knowledge & Learning
Law Institute of Victoria

Vice President & Treasurer


Bronwyn Pott

Bronwyn Pott Strategic Solutions

Immediate Past President

Jacquelyn Simon

Managing Director
Legalwise Seminars

Committee Members

Sue-Ella Prodonovich

Prodonovich Advisory

Andrea Foot

Leaf Logic

Michael McNamara

Lecturer, College of Business, Government and Law
Flinders University

Carmen Maughan

Senior Professional Development Officer
Law Society of Western Australia


Digital Manager

Kim Senior

Creative Director


Kathryn McKenzie

Business Angel Services Pty Ltd

CLEAA Executive Committee Meetings & Conference Dates

The CLEAA Executive meet on the first Friday of every month (or the following week if holidays coincide).

As a not-for-profit member driven organisation, we value the input of our members. If you have any queries, feedback or suggestions on how we can make CLEAA better for its membership base, please send us your comments!