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Wayfinding - Digital Strategies for Effective Workplace Learning

New ways of working have accelerated the adoption and comfort with digital learning – and this, together with digital and hybrid working rhythms, presents learning practitioners with a range of challenges when it comes to designing impactful learning experiences.

Join Simon Dewar as he continues the conversation from our 2022 conference on learning design, with further thinking on the skills we need to harness digital technology and set up learners for success.

  • Refresh the skills L&D need to adopt to become “wayfinders” to design effective digitally-enabled strategies
  • Explore how to apply these skills to implement digital strategies for hybrid work and learning
  • Apply the skills to a current problem or opportunity in your workplace.

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A Private Dinner in Sydney With Dr Heidi Gardner, Author of Smarter Collaboration.

On Wednesday March 8th CLEAA will be hosting a private dinner in Sydney with special guest Dr Heidi Gardner.

Named by Thinkers50 as a Next Generation Business Guru, she is a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School and former professor at Harvard Business School. She is currently the faculty chair and instructor in multiple executive education programs at both institutions.

CLEAA are pleased to be bringing this special event, and numbers are strictly limited.

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