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AGM Report and invitation to have a say in CLEAA’s future

Thank you all who contributed to the success of last week’s annual CLEAA Conference and AGM.

With goodwill and enthusiasm for revitalising CLEAA, the motion to wind up CLEAA was defeated. Nominations for the new Executive were received from the floor and new executive committee members were elected unopposed.

As we saw at the Conference and have heard for some years “new Law” is going to need “new CPD” and who knows, maybe even new CPD rules.  In this disrupted and transforming legal profession, CPD will have an expanding role as lawyers need new knowledge, skills and learning and development opportunities.

We too in the CPD and L&D sector need the know-how and capabilities to meet new challenges and embrace new opportunities.

In the coming weeks, CLEAAs Executive Committee will be seeking a  modus operandi for CLEAA that allows engagement across the CPD and L&D communities to the level of engagement a volunteer group is capable of achieving.  If you have ideas or an opinion about CLEAA’s future direction, role or activities then now is the time to tell us. You can post a comment below, contact any member of the executive by email or give me a call.

Ronwyn North
CLEAA President
Email Ronwyn or call 0414 696 551

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