Keynote Address: Exploring Alignments Between Continuing Professional Education and Practice-based Learning in the Legal Sector

Learning by doing – are legal education providers missing the point?

Leading expert in this space, Professor Stephen Billett, can help answer this by shedding some light on the critical nexus between structured continuing education and learning by doing on the job.

Drawing on his research into change, work and learning, his message is simple – we can be smarter and more innovative about identifying and making the most of practice-based learning opportunities (learning by doing on the job) and that providers of formal “off the job” education cannot afford to be remote from this process.

Especially relevant to learning advisors and talent managers in law firms, Professor Billett’s research can illuminate how and why they need to become more innovative and proactive about anticipating, aligning and integrating off the job and on the job opportunities.

Fortunately, the CLEAA Conference 2018 is lucky enough to have Professor Billett give the Keynote Address on this global hot topic, so join us in Brisbane 18-19 October to hear more.

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