The CLEAA AGM was held online on 16 October 2020 and was well attended.

The meeting elected the following to Executive Committee for the coming year:

President – Jacquelyn Simon, Managing Director, Legalwise Seminars

Vice President/Treasurer – Una Doyle, Director Education, Judicial Commission of NSW

Ordinary Members

  • Sue-Ella Prodonovich, Principal, Prodonovich Advisory
  • Dr Michael McNamara, Lecturer, College of Business, Government and Law
    Flinders University
  • Kellie Hamilton, General Manager, Member Knowledge & Learning, Law Institute of Victoria

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Jacquelyn thanked retiring executive members –

  • Ronwyn North, Managing Director of Streeton Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Dr Chantal Morton, Associate Professor, Melbourne Law School
  • Natalie Wieland, Founder and Head of Product, VidVersity
  • Cara Sleeman, Head of Professional Development, Law Society of NSW

Jacquelyn Simon noted that Sue-Ella Prodonovich took on the production of the CLEAA Talk. Thanks also to Ronwyn North for her many years of service on the committee and as Past President, who is stepping down this year.

Thank you also to Kathryn and Kim as our support behind the scenes, the Executive and committee members and all those who contributed to bringing the CLEAA conference online this year.


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