2017 CLEAA Conference Program

This year's CLEAA Conference Program starts at 8:30am and concludes at 5:35pm with drinks until 7pm. Download the Full Conference Program here.
Please note: Stream A & Stream B run concurrently.


Welcome address: Terri Mottershead, CLEAA President and Director, Centre for Legal Innovation, COL.


Plenary Panel: The future of legal practice – what does it mean for legal talent management?

Moderator: Terri Mottershead


Nicola Atkinson, Global Co-Head of Expertise, Ashurst
Andrew Barnes, CEO, Harwood Andrews, Sladen Legal and Adley Burstyner and President, ALPMA
Melissa Lyon, Associate Principal, Hive Legal
Rachel Masters, National Learning and Organisational Development Manager, Russell McVeagh, NZ
Francesca Saturno, Deputy Executive Director, Law Society of Tasmania


Stream A: Resilience and its role in innovation, engagement and productivity (Paper available here)

Chair: Janet Barnes, Training Manager, Dispute Resolution Branch, DJAG Queensland

Speaker: Martine Barclay, Managing Director, Redefine Your Edge

Stream B: Diversity and inclusion – why does it matter more than ever in new law?

Chair: Carl White, Director, CXINLAW

Speakers : Ann-Maree David, Executive Director, COL Qld; Director and President, Australian Women Lawyers Association
Fiona Krautil, Founder and Principal, Diversity KnowHow
Katrina North, Asia Pacific Diversity & Inclusion Leader, EY
Sherika Ponniah, Deputy Head of Legal Content, Wolters 
Kluwer; Founder, My Legal Marketplace

11.00am–11.15am: Morning tea


Plenary: New leadership skills for leaders (Paper available here)

Chair: Dr John McGill, Director, Practitioner Education, COL

Speaker: Kim Schmidt, Partner Leadership Talent & Culture, Grant Thornton

12.30pm–1.45pm Lunch (includes CLEAA AGM)


Stream A: Why project management matters to lawyers... and everyone else too! (Paper available here)

Chair: Jan Christie, Senior Manager, Learning & Organisational Development, Henry Davis York

Therese Linton, Principal Consultant, The Basalt Group
Rachael Moore, Head of Legal Project Management, Ashurst

Stream B: Is online micro-learning possible in law? 

Chair: Eileen Camilleri, Assistant Director, Applied Law, COL

Speaker: Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Managing Director, Ripple Effect Group - Asia Pacific

3.15pm–3.30pm: Afternoon tea


Stream A: Data Analytics: using people data to predict challenges and to inform business decisions

Chair: Jan Christie

Speaker: Ray D'Cruz, CEO, Performance Leader

Stream B: New developments and initiatives in promoting mental health in the legal profession (Paper available here)

Chair: Annie Fenwicke, Project Manager, Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE)

Speaker: Robyn Bradey, Consultant, RB Counselling and Consulting Services


Closing Panel: Innovating legal talent management and education – what is the future?

Moderator: Annie Fenwicke

Panelists: Kate Cato, Head of Talent and Development, MinterEllison Fiona Croswell, National Training Manager, ALPMA
Una Doyle, Director, Education, Judicial Commission of NSW and President, ACLEA
Terri Mottershead

5.30pm–5.35pm: Closing Terri Mottershead

5.35pm–7.00pm: Conference drinks