2017 Conference Papers

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thumbnail of CLEAA 17 MBarclay

Speaker: Martine Barclay - Managing Director, Redefine Your Edge

CLEAA Conference 2017 – Stream A (9.30-11.00pm):
Resilience and its role in innovation, engagement and productivity

Chair: Janet Barnes, Training Manager, Dispute Resolution Branch, DJAG Queensland

Resilience and its role in innovation, engagement and productivity

Speakers: Therese Linton - Principal Consultant, The Basalt Group
Rachael Moore - Head of Legal Project Management, Ashurst

CLEAA Conference 2017 – Stream A (1.45-3.15pm):
Why project management matters to lawyers... and everyone else too!

Chair: Jan Christie, Senior Manager, Learning & Organisational Development, Henry Davis York

thumbnail of CLEAA 17 KSchmidt

Speaker: Kim Schmidt - Partner Leadership Talent & Culture, Grant Thornton

CLEAA Conference 2017 – Plenary (11.15-12.30pm):
New leadership skills for leaders

Chair: Dr John McGill, Director, Practitioner Education, College of Law (COL)

thumbnail of CLEAA 17 RBrady Mental HealthSpeaker: Robyn Bradey - RB Counselling and Consulting Services

CLEAA Conference 2017 – Stream B  (3.30-4.30pm):
New developments and initiatives in promoting mental health in the legal profession
Chair: Annie Fenwicke, Project Manager, Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE)