CLEAA lunchtime event

Enhancing Learning Outcomes with Online Learning follow-up

Enhancing learning outcomes with online learning

Level Up Learning, Anita Falconer and Jen Moulder,  presented at the Brisbane CLEAA lunch on 1 August for 15 L&D professionals.

The program reviewed the trends in on line learning including: Micro learning, Just in time learning and Just in need learning.


Anita and Jen challenged us at the outset to think about the design of on line learning and in particular:

  • the knowledge or skills we are targeting
  • impact on business/ROI and employee experience
  • context i.e. is this a series, a stand-alone or part of a blended learning program?
  • compliance issues that can arise in online learning


Demonstrations of online programs showed benefits of  “pre work” e.g. quizzes fast track the learner and help customise learning.

Also highlighted the use of ” post work” e.g. emails after a program to reinforce and embed the learning.

A longer bespoke program with a “branching scenario” showed how sophisticated content can be effectively designed and delivered (with a bigger budget)!


Thanks to our presenters for enhancing our learning, Cynthia Palmer for organising and QLS for hosting this event.









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