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LIVE Online Connected Events

We are increasingly using virtual platforms to deliver education and training but how do we make the online space human?

Engaging online audiences is less about how the software works and more about human connection.

Join us as Cheryle Walker steps us through 3 levers for creating an atmosphere where you can sense and react on a human level with other people thru language, empathy and inclusivity.

The webinar will be structured for a 1 hour presentation including Q&A.

Our Presenter: Cheryle Walker
Digital & Future Learning Strategist | Certified Online Learning Facilitator

2022 CLEAA Conference: Building Strategic Learning Pathways – from novice to expert

By Jenny Watson | 26/09/2022

Session #6:  Building Strategic Learning Pathways – from novice to expert Building and developing the skills and competencies of our learner needs to work for both the individual and the workplace. The diversity of our learners in firms is often cited as a challenge for legal educators, balancing the skills and knowledge transfer required across…

2022 CLEAA Conference: Transformative Learning: Time to Rewrite the Training Playbook?

By Jenny Watson | 26/09/2022

Session #3:  Transformative learning is a well-established learning theory. 2022 is a good time to reconsider this approach: How are the challenges it addresses helpful for professional development in the current workplace environment? This conversation with professional development and organisational strategy consultant Judi Apte will: Discuss what transformative learning is and how it is particularly…

2022 CLEAA Conference: Designing effective learning and development for the learner needs of today

By Jenny Watson | 26/09/2022

Session #2:  The professional learning landscape is evolving, with learner needs and expectations shifting. The recent move to digital and remote working also applied for learning delivery, where no alternative was available. This meant that ‘best practice learning design’ was often sacrificed in order to simply deliver on an immediate learning need. As we now…

2022 CLEAA Conference: CLEAA Correspondents Group – welcome back!

By CLEAA Support | 26/09/2022

The CLEAA Correspondents Group is back! Following the success of last year’s CLEAA Correspondents Group, we welcome back the opportunity for CLEAA members to create new relationships with peers, and cement existing bonds. To counter this we thought we’d try something new at the annual conference this year. Under our theme of Meet, Learn, Grow,…

2022 CLEAA Conference: Wayfinding – Digital Strategies for Hybrid work

By Jenny Watson | 26/09/2022

Session #5:  The pandemic and new ways of working has accelerated the adoption and comfort with digital learning – and this together with the new digital and hybrid working rhythms presents learning practitioners with a new range of challenges when it comes to designing great learning experiences. BSI has engaged in research and a series…

2022 CLEAA Conference: How to Protect Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

By Jenny Watson | 26/09/2022

Session #4:  The move to digital delivery and work has provided enormous benefits to enable access to knowledge and learning through the pandemic. This increased use in technology has also enabled increased collaboration and sharing of information, as well as an amount of digital data and assets that can now be collected and accessed –…

2022 CLEAA Conference: Reflective Practice – in Practice. Lessons from New Zealand

By Jenny Watson | 26/09/2022

Session #1:  Research shows that experience and formal learning alone do not produce competence and/or expertise and that instruction and reflection are essential to learning. New Zealand has taken the lead in the introduction of reflective practice as part of a regulatory CPD framework, with it being used by the NZ Law Society and the…