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A Culture of Learning

Oct 17-18, 2019


CLEAA Conference Sydney Oct 17-18, 2019

Our annual conference was held at the NSW Bar Association, Sydney on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October 2019. To those who were in attendance we thank you and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!



The Annual Event for Professional Development Professionals (PDPs)

On the 17th & 18th of October,the Annual CLEAA Conference is back with a stellar line up of presenters from the world of legal education and beyond.

CLEAA’s central theme this year is the importance of a healthy culture both in the learning sphere and in the workplace.

The Conference will showcase what’s new in the world of CPD and offer you multiple opportunities to learn new techniques to add to your toolkit and return to the office with new skills.

Whether you are looking for inspiration, fresh ideas, professional enhancement or simply to connect with like-minded peers, CLEAA’s 2019 National Conference has something to offer you.


Speakers and topics include:

  • Dangerous Ideas in CPD – what’s the next Big Idea?
    Is it possible to end the horror stories of people being thrown in the deep end? Could 2019 be the last year graduates make a court appearance without having any guidance or confidence?    What if technical experts had the tools to create great content, easily and cheaply? What can we learn from other professions?
    Natalie Wieland, Founder and Head of Product, VidVersity, and Anna Hinder, Searl Street Consulting will canvass innovative and emerging ideas expected to influence CPD in the future.

  • CPD and Cultural Competence
    Professor Frank H Wu, William L. Prosser Distinguished Professor of Law, Hastings College of the Law will join us by video link from the University of California to discuss CPD in the context of developing cultural competence.

  • Healthy Workplace Cultures
    Joydeep Hor, Founder and Managing Principal, People + Culture Strategies will look at contemporary practices applicable to fostering a healthy and thriving workplace culture.

  • The Third Stage of Legal Education: Supervised Legal Practice
    Dr Michael McNamara, Flinders University Faculty of Law, will facilitate a panel discussion about the challenges of supervision. The panelists will canvass some of the fundamental issues facing law firms, CPD providers and employers in general and hear what’s working for them.
    How can CPD professionals improve the quality of supervision in law firms? Is supervision a challenge for employers in general? As a practical takeaway, what would a great supervision plan look like?

  • A New CPD Cookbook
    Dr Chantal Morton, Melbourne University, will facilitate an interactive session about innovative CPD formats and the recipes (ingredients and methods) that will make them successful and effective learning experiences for you back at work.

  • Characteristics of a Positive Learning Culture – experiences from the coalface
    Sue-Ella Prodonovich, a specialist in professional advisory services to lawyers, will facilitate a panel discussion on whether firms/legal profession have a "learning culture" and how supervision fits into this. Panelists include Odile Shepherd, People + Culture Director, Wotton + Kearney and Rachel Setti, Organisational Psychologist.

  • Bullying and harassment in law firms – breaking the cycle
    Kylie Nomchong SC, Barrister-at-Law, Denman Chambers looks at how healthy workplace culture can address bullying and harassment using education and engagement within the profession.

  • Rapid Fire Tech Tips
    Ann-Maree David, Executive Director, College of Law Queensland, one of CLEAA’s most tech-savvy members will share favourite software, hardware, apps, gadgets, utilities and websites. Laptop or desktop, phone or tablet, office or home, these choices will help you be more productive; work better, faster, cheaper; or otherwise help to take some of the stress out of your day.


As always, the conference will offer more than the sum of its sessions.  CLEAA Conferences provide delegates with a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate and form rewarding career-long relationships with others who have similar interests and role functions.  This is commonly cited as one of the greatest value-adds at CLEAA Annual Conferences.


Who we are
The Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia (CLEAA) is an association of people from Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong and other countries in the South-East Asian and South Pacific regions who are involved in the provision of continuing legal education and professional development to the legal profession.


Who should come?

  • Learning and development providers working with legal firms
  • Providers of legal professional development
  • Legal project managers
  • CPD program specialists, trainers and conference producers
  • Legal educators in universities and judicial colleges
  • Providers of online education
  • Marketing professionals working in the CPD area
  • ...anyone with an interest in continuing professional development for lawyers!



For any conference enquiries, please contact the CLEAA Secretariat via our contact page.