The evolution of the environment in which lawyers practice is advancing rapidly.  Client deliverables and expectations are changing;  clients are demanding lawyers understand and advise on more than the law. Legal work is more tech focussed with new tools promising efficiencies.  The new lawyers needs to work differently in the legal workplace. A different kind of leadership is needed to support this change and support all practitioners from its most junior members to its most experienced.

This carefully curated Speaker Series has been designed to provide you with:

  • Confidence knowing what your lawyers need to know
  • Bold ideas of how to curate a curriculum covering perennial and new themes
  • Excitement for how you will shape your legacy and new lawyers for the future

CLEAA’s events provide a forum for learning specialists engaged with the Australasian legal sector to connect, explore ideas, exchange information and showcase current thinking.

Who should attend?

  • Legal Learning & Development Specialists
  • Legal Educators and Researchers
  • Professional Development Program Designers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Private Course Providers

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our five sessions each of which are described below

Speaker Series: Topic 1
Date: Tuesday 14 November, 12pm – 1pm AEDT

Case Study: How The Governance Institute of Australia Developed It’s New Capability Framework

Mark Wilbourn, General Manager, Governance Institute of Australia
Dr Marcus Bowles, Director and Chairperson, The Institute of Working Futures
The Governance Institute of Australia has developed a skills capability framework to respond to expectations of the future roles of professionals. Mark and Marcus will take us through their approach including background research, educational theories applied, and new training and delivery models.

Speaker Series: Topic 2
Date: Tuesday 5 December, 8.30am-9.30am AEDT

How to Develop Leadership Talent in a Law Firm

Dr Nigel Spencer, Director, Hub for Professional Practice, Queen Mary University of London

Nigel is back by popular demand! In this session Nigel will look at how firms can upskill their current leadership cohort and prepare the next generation of leaders. The issues Nigel will consider in this discussion:

  • The skills do we need to build in our current and future leaders
  • The likely future ‘personas’ of legal sector professionals whose skills clients will seek out in the coming years
  • Whether we should aim to create leaders who are specialists or multi-skilled professionals?  In other words, the breadth of skill-set we need to build in our leaders and the skills which will be brought to clients by other professionals in increasingly multi-disciplinary teams.
  • The optimal learning cultures 

This is an open session provided free of charge by CLEAA. 

Speaker Series: Topic 3
Date: Tuesday 30 January, 12-1pm AEDT

New Skills for Legal Professionals Practicing in a Climate-Conscious Era

Professor Nicole Graham, Professor and Associate Dean Education, University of Sydney; Principal Lawyer, Environmental Defenders Office

In this webinar Nicole will discuss the new skills legal professionals will need to navigate the interface of climate on non-climate related areas of law, such as contract, insurance, corporate governance, health, and property issues.

Nicole teaches and researches in the fields of property law and theory, and legal geography at the University of Sydney Law School. She has written on the relationship between law, environment and culture with a particular focus on property rights, natural resource regulation and the concept of place.

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Speaker Series: Topic 4
Date: Tuesday 27 February, 12-1pm AEDT

Bridging Law and Technology: Essential Skills and Training for Today’s Legal Landscape

A discussion with Simon Anderson, Futurist and Founder, Venture Foresight, and Kate Galloway, Associate Professor, Griffith Law School, Editor-In-Chief of the Legal Education Review, and Director Career Readiness for Arts Education and Law.

Legal Technology competency is a non-negotiable for lawyers of all seniority. Simon and Kate will identify what core competencies will be expected of lawyers, what is being taught at law schools, and from what base employers be taking on the education baton.


  • Understand what the non-negotiable tech skills for lawyers are
  • What tech competencies are being embedded by law schools
  • From what base law firms need to continue providing LegalTech training to lawyers

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Speaker Series: Topic 5
Date: Tuesday 9 April, 12pm-1pm AEDT

Apps You Want to Meet: Speed Dating With The Latest Apps

Ann-Maree David, Executive Director, College of Law (Brisbane)

Do you struggle to keep up to date with the new apps that might be useful for your productivity and program delivery? 

Or do you want to save time in finding apps that are fun to use?  

In this webinar Ann-Maree will introduce you to a smorgasbord of recommended apps you’ll want to try straight away.

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