2021 CLEAA Conference: Getting The Most Out of Your L&D Budget

A spotlight on Session #6 of CLEAA’s upcoming annual conference being held Friday 15 Oct, 9am-4.30pm AEDT.

CLEAA’s annual conference provides a forum for learning specialists and teachers in the legal sector to explore ideas, exchange information, and showcase current thinking.

Who should attend? Legal Learning & Development Specialists, Legal Educators and Researchers, Professional Development program designers; Coaches, Trainers and Private course providers.

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Session 6: Designing Effective Training and Optimising Your L&D Budget

Legal professionals are time poor and their education coordinators might not have an endless training budget. Now add into the mix that some professionals are working from home while others are in an office. How to cover more content in different formats when teaching resources might be constrained?

This will be a discussion between the audience and expert education providers. The speakers will address audience analysis, barriers and current thinking for legal education designers.

Session Objectives

  • Identify challenges to education engagement and information retention
  • Highlight how education technology is developing
  • Tips for pitching for buy-in from funders and attendees

Session Format: 60-minute Panel Discussion. This session will be recorded.


Blake McKimmie
Professor, Associate Dean (Academic) Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, University of Queensland
Professor McKimmie is a social psychologist in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. He does research on jury decision making and has published over 80 outputs in the area of social cognition and group processes. In the area of psychology and law, he published a book on expert testimony, and has made submissions to law reform commissions, and provided training to police officers. He regularly gives presentations to researchers and practitioners, and co-teaches CRIME101x—a free online course about the psychology of criminal justice—to over 100,000 students. His research has been supported by the Australian Research Council, and is now working with the Queensland Police Service Special Investigations Training team on a multi-year project to redevelop training in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Jennifer Moulder
Instructional Designer, Level Up Learning
Jennifer views learning design as a way of solving problems – of working through an issue and finding a way to improve the situation. It could be any problem – from filling strategic capability gaps in an organisation to identifying the key message in an email that will inspire the recipients to act. The goal is to understand the reasons for problems organisations face and then identify an engaging learning solution that offers a fix. Jennifer has extensive experience in many different areas of adult education.In addition to her learning design experience, she has also coached offshore resources and implemented quality assurance standards including requirements for accessible design. She has completed projects across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors, including Queensland State Government agencies, University of Queensland, Griffith University, Master Builders and Telstra.

Anita Falconer
Director/Instructional designer, Level Up Learning
As an award-winning Learning Design and Change Management professional, Anita specialises in the development and implementation of solutions focused on behavioural change and performance improvement. Combining a skills-centred approach and a passion for storytelling, she partners with organisations to develop lively and compelling training that allows learners to practise new skills and transfer them easily to their jobs and real-life. Having worked with corporate, government and academic institutions, she understands what it takes to create long-term behaviour change – no matter the audience. Anita has worked in the learning & development industry over the last two decades and has completed projects for a multitude of high-profile clients, including Queensland State Government, Origin Energy, Senex, University of Queensland, Master Builders, Pepsi Co. and Telstra.

Helene Breene (Chair)
L&D Adviser, Thynne + Macartney Lawyers
For the past  5 years Helene has been the L&D Advisor at Thynne+ Macartney, Brisbane. Prior to that she was Director of Legal Education at the Bar Association of Queensland and has held various roles at Queensland Law Society and affiliated organisations including Director of CLE and Risk Manager. Helene has been a member of CLEAA for twenty years and has served on the CLEAA Executive in various roles.  She has also served as a Director on Board of ACLEA and as a Committee Co Chair.


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