Webinar: How Many Lawyers Does it Take to Change a Law Firm?

The Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia (CLEAA) is delighted to have Andrea Foot, Director Leaf Logic present on the challenges of change management in the legal sector.

Webinar 12-1pm AEDT, Tuesday 17 November


Andrea Foot, Director Leaf Logic

“Let’s face it, it’s a rare person who wholeheartedly leaps to embrace change. Doesn’t it seem curious to you that the legal community has been assailed by the message that ‘drastic change is coming’ for more than two decades and yet we still hear how hard it is for law firms to enact lasting and deep change.”

In this interactive session, Andrea Foot will share some insights into her recent thesis which takes a psychodynamic stance to look at the underpinnings of attitudes to change in law firms.

If you play any role that touches on designing, implementing and adapting to change in the legal industry, join this webinar to gain some new perspectives on what goes on under the surface of the people and their organisations.

Andrea is a leadership and organisational coach, with a particular interest in how organisations respond and address pressure for change. She works with leaders and their teams to help them work together more effectively.

Anyone with responsibility for supervising lawyers or with an interest in legal professional development and continuing legal education is welcome to dial in.

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