Webinar: LIVE Online Connected Events

LIVE Online Connected Events

We are increasingly using virtual platforms to deliver education and training but how do we make the online space human.

Engaging online audiences is less about how the software works and more about human connection.

Join us as Cheryle Walker steps us through 3 levers for creating an atmosphere where you can sense and react on a human level with other people thru language, empathy and inclusivity.

The webinar will be structured for a 1 hour presentation including Q&A.

Our Presenter: Cheryle Walker
Digital & Future Learning Strategist | Certified Online Learning Facilitator

Cheryle Walker is a Remote Leadership Expert, Certified LIVE Online Facilitator and Author of the book Leverage LIVE Online.

She works almost exclusively in the LIVE online environment, connecting and creating impactful interactions, using technology to lead and coach, to communicate, design, curate and to influence with esprit!

Cheryle has an intimate understanding of the business objectives and organisational cultural challenges of change and engagement – particularly in working with remote and hybrid teams via online collaboration platforms.

She has recently authored the book Leverage LIVE Online – How to Create Transformational Engagement in Webinars, Virtual Workshops and Online Meetings, and is currently writing her second book Connected Leadership.

Cheryle is an expert in developing remarkable remote leaders and hybrid high performing teams.

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