New CLEAA Member Dashboard

New Look Member Dashboard

CLEAA’s website’s membership space has been given an upgrade so you will find things look a little different once you login.

New features include downloadable payment invoice receipts, group membership registration and optional auto-renew, all conveniently located via the tabs on your member dashboard or the drop-down menu (top right) once you login. We’ve also updated our site’s FAQs to help you navigate these changes.

1. Invoice Receipts

All membership payments automatically generate an invoice which can be viewed and downloaded from the ‘Membership’ tab on your dashboard.

Example: Individual Member

Note: If your Primary Membership was paid for by your organisation, the receipt will be available only to your Organisation’s Group owner or administrator.

2. Primary Membership Groups for Organisation Memberships

Primary Memberships for organisations allow for the purchase of multiple memberships, or seats, at registration. The minimum number of seats is one. There is no maximum limit on how many members you can add.

Members of your organisation’s team can be added or removed post-payment from your CLEAA dashboard’s ‘Members’ tab. Simply select the number of member seats you require when joining or renewing.

Add your teams members either by email invitation or via the checkbox above the >Add Member< button.

Group members can have one of 3 different roles; Owner, Administrator or Member. Owners and Administrators can see and edit the credit card details saved to the membership and manage other members. Members cannot see any payment information or manage members from their account dashboard.

3. Auto-renew your annual CLEAA membership

You can opt-in to have your membership payment renewed automatically each year.

We’ll send you two email notifications prior to the renewal date, reminding you that it’s coming up. Check the Auto-renew box on the bottom of the registration form when joining or renewing.

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