‘Uber-fication’ hits law firms

This article first appeared in Lawyers Weekly.

Service delivery in the modern, ‘Uber-ised’ world is all about making things easy for the client – and law firms are not immune to this transformation, according to one consultant.

Clients are now expecting law firms to deliver the kind of experience that companies like Uber can offer, Terri Mottershead of Mottershead Consulting has said.

“[Uber] is really easy,” she said. “You can make contact using your phone, the payment is all sorted out and you can watch the little cars coming to you or not coming to you, and you get an approximation of when everything is going to happen.”

She said that clients and employees now want to connect differently with their law firm: “They want value, they want to feel valued, and they want to write about their ‘experience’ on social media.”

Law firms need to re-engineer their talent management processes to deliver this end-to-end usability of legal services, Ms Mottershead continued.

“The world of law firm talent management has changed […] Everyone in the law firms has to be able to deliver a service that way,” she said.

Law firms should focus on developing and leveraging new skills and changing work practices to cater for the changes in client expectations.

Ms Mottershead will be speaking on the topic ‘The Uberization of talent management in law firms – Are you ready?’ at the Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia (CLEAA) conference in Melbourne next week.
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