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Save the Date! Friday 15th October, 2021

We’ve heard you. Last month we surveyed CLEAA’s members and friends and there was unanimous support of bringing our annual conference.

A consistent theme in the feedback was the benefit of bringing together people who share an interest in continuing legal education, and the rewards of spending some time on our own development.

We’ve all been grappling with our changing circumstances over the last 18 months, with the CLEAA community taking the lead in the continued delivery of learning for the legal profession. Now it’s time for us to do it for ourselves!

To ensure the conference is guaranteed and accessible, we’ll continue on the success of last year with a digital first approach (we won’t let COVID won’t get in our way).

More details will follow.

For now we’re putting a call out for four excited and enthusiastic volunteers to join the CLEAA conference working group. We are all connected as professionals who deliver CPD to legal professionals, so let’ share our thoughts and ideas to develop what we need for each other. You’ll need to commit to five meetings (once a month) and actions to develop the conference experience for our colleagues.

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