The Future of Legal Education

2021 CLEAA Conference: The Future of Legal Education

A spotlight on Session #2 of CLEAA’s upcoming annual conference being held Friday 15 Oct, 9am-4.30pm AEDT

CLEAA’s annual conference provides a forum for learning specialists and teachers in the legal sector to explore ideas, exchange information, and showcase current thinking.

Who should attend? Legal Learning & Development Specialists, Legal Educators and Researchers, Professional Development program designers; Coaches, Trainers and Private course providers.

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Session 2: The Future Of Legal Education in the 21st Century

Technology, automation and possible future directions in legal education

How will automation alter the work lawyers do in the future and how will these changes shape the nature of legal education generally and continuing legal education more specifically? This session will address important questions for legal education (pre- and post-graduation) concerning the future of work and the role of humans in the age of automation.

Session Objectives

  • Understand the intersections between technological progress and the future of legal education.
  • Identify possible future directions for the purpose of legal education and how technology could shape the continuing legal education sector.
  • Understand the broader contexts of the future of work and the evolving role of lawyers in the age of automation and what irreducible value lawyers bring to the law and legal processes.
  • Identify the nature of tasks that might remain the province of human beings and those which will become automated.

Session Format: Presentation with Q&A. This session will not be recorded.


Daniel Goldsworthy
Associate Lecturer, Deakin University Law School

Daniel is an academic with Deakin Law School and a lawyer admitted in the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia. He is completing his doctorate in legal theory at the University of Melbourne.

Daniel is a General Assembly Member of Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the co-founder of the Sentient Animal Law Foundation. He publishes in areas including animal welfare law and sentience, constitutional law and theory, public international law, legal education and philosophy amongst others.

Daniel is recognised for his writing on the intersection of legal education, technology and philosophy and for his teaching excellence.

Goldsworthy, D (2020) The Future of Legal Education in the 21st Century.  (2020) 41(1) Adelaide Law Review 243., Available at SSRN here.


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