2018-2019 CLEAA Executive

Welcome to our new CLEAA Executive!

The CLEAA AGM was held in Brisbane on 19 October 2018 and was well attended.

The meeting elected the following to Executive Committee for the coming year:

Ronwyn North – Managing Director, Streeton Consulting

Vice President/Treasurer
Jacquelyn Simon – Managing, Director Legalwise Seminars

Ordinary Members

Una Doyle – Director Education, Judicial Commission of NSW

Bali Kaur – Director Professional Development, NSW Bar Association

Christopher Lemercier – Assistant Director, Practitioner Education, College of Law

Jacqui Lynagh – Educational Designer, TC Beirne School of Law, University


The President thanked retiring executive members –

  • Francesca Saturno – Deputy Executive Officer, Law Society of TAS
  • Amal Cutler – Professional Development Officer, Law Society of TAS and
  • Sarah Collins – Manager Programs, Judicial Commission of NSW.


She also thanked the following for their ongoing support of CLEAA, Kathryn Mackenzie, Business Angel Services (secretariat), Kim Senior, KindleVision (webmaster) and Elizabeth Loftus, Leo Cussen Centre for Law (legacy secretariat) and all those who contributed to the CLEAA conference in Queensland.




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